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Write a letter to your 'brother advise him read a English newspaper


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February 6, 2018
Dear Brother:
I hope this letter finds you in great health and cheerful state of mind. I have written this letter to advise you to read English newspapers regularly. There are many benefits of it. Reading the articulately written articles, reports, etc. in the newspapers improve our vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, writing skills, and imagination. Bacon, the great English writer and thinker has rightly said, “Reading maketh a full man; writing an exact man, and conference a ready man.”
Our general knowledge becomes quite comprehensive. I have been told by mother that you hardly touch the newspaper. You will be glad to know that all the newspapers are available on internet these days; you can read a few newspaper articles there.
I hope you will act upon my advice. The rest is fine. give regards to mother and father and lots of love to you.
Yours affectionately,

Answered by Danishh

Dear brother

Lots of love and care to you hope you are doing well with your study and will be healthy and fresh English is an international language and English is the language of Science and Technology as an I know you also want to learn English go through the newspaper and look at its writing construction and language written there it will improve your reading and understanding English you should take help from your English teacher all the best do the best and lots of love to you

Your brother
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