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Write an activity for electric decomposition reactions of water


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Activity for Electrolytic decomposition reaction of water  :-

We have to take the glass beaker which should be fixed with two electrodes , here , the positive electrode will act as anode & negative electrode will acts as cathode ,
Insert two test tube in beaker and Filled almost one third of beaker with water .Now observe the level of water.
Connects electrodes with the battery, now supply electricity into an electrolyte solution of water .
After sometime, switch of the current and see the present level of water in the Test tube . Which is now decreased.
The vacant space in test tubes filled with H₂ & O₂ gases.

When the Ion separates :-

 → Two moles hydrogen gas released at cathode.
 → One mole of O₂ evolve at anode.

 Reaction in the process :-

 2H₂O ------→ 2H₂ + O₂

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