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Write an article on importance of outdoor games in the age of Internet


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Even though with the coming of TV, cinema had already made us lazy, but today with internet which gives us access to Tv,movies anywhere anytime, we have become couch potatoes. The virtual games of FIFA, clash of clans, mini militia etc have replaced the real life outdoor games or physical exercises.

Outdoor games are essential for a healthy lifestyle. It keeps our body healthy and active. Also it helps us socialising with real people and gives us a break from the virtual social life of Facebook, WhatsApp. It refresh our minds which in turns increases our productivity. It also helps to kill the boredom.

Internet has surely made world smaller and closer. It also provides very useful resources to study and research. With internet available on Mobile phone these days it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Despite of all it's benifets we should not get too much indulged in it and should maintain a balance. We should socialise not only on facebook but in real life also. we should play game not only online but also outdoors.

Our technology is advancing day by day. With AI we will be able to do our work with one command. We should not get too used to it as it can be harmful for our body. Regular outdoor exercise can prevent us from various health problems. As it is said "health is wealth". So we should take care of health by regularly excercising.
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