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write an article on the topic "CRICIS DURING OLD AGE"​


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Ugh. Old age one of the most difficult phase of life. It is one of that phase of life where people get to know about the real feel of life. When no one beside you, sitting lonely, sometimes being ignored by the kids. All these problems and with that a feeling of helplessness.

Old age is called to be the phase of life where people have to go through many problems because it's the age when kids (young ones) start thinking that their parents are burden over them and they want to get rid of them.

Usually kids want to live alone, they don't want to live with their parents and sometimes leave them in old age homes. Old age homes is not meant for the parents. They are the one who make us the get the position where we are. They are our creator. None could take their place.

Infact, all these problems which arise during old age shouldn't be there since the only best gift to us is our parents and leaving them in the last phase of life ain't good. All these crisis should have got end because we are living in modern world. We are smart enough to know what's right.

But all these things are still here. Its just a record of one's life and everyone should take it in a cherished way.

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