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Assertion- left ventricle of heart has a thicker wall than that of right ventricle Reason- left ventricles need to pump blood to nearby lungs only​


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option a) :Both Assertion and Reason are true and Reason is the correct explanation of Assertion.

option b) :Both Assertion and Reason are true, but Reason is not the correct explanation of Assertion

option c) :Assertion is true, but Reason is false

option 4):Assertion is false, but Reason in true.

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Four-chambered (two ventricles and two auricles) heart is present in mammals . The left ventricle of heart receives oxygenated blood from left auricle, while right ventricle recieves deoxygenated blood from right auricle , Right ventricle has thinner wall because it pumps deoxygenated blood to nearby lungs. While left ventricle has thicker wall because it pumps oxygenated blood to different organs of the body.

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assertion is correct and reason is false


left ventricle gives rise to aorta

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