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dialogue between you and your parents in which you try to convince her to allow you to go to a night party. you words sgould be 180


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this is dialogue between a mother and child



Daughter: Mother, we are celebrating the 'Republic Day' tomorrow in our school, M. Gandhi Vidyalaya, at 7 a.m.

Mother: Oh ! that's great. So what will your schedule be like for tomorrow?

Daughter: According to the invitation we have received, the programme will begin with the Flag Hoisting by our Principal followed by the National Anthem and March Past, at the school ground itself.

Mother: And will there be any kind of co-curricular activities?

Daughter: Of course, there will be a dance competition and environmental exhibition thereafter. I'm participating in the dance competition. It's dedicated to the Jawans, who protect our country at the border.

Mother: Oh that's wonderful! All right then start preparing for your dance competition

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