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Explain the journey of your brainly world and your friends too... No spamming
Great and big answer required


Answered by skh2

Brainly is something which has turned an integral part of my life. I cannot imagine my life without brainly as i have got such a platform on brainly which is very hard to get.

In every aspect of my studies it has helped me.
If we talk about the world of brainly then it is very hard to describe as it is such a place which gives me pleasure and makes me feel better.

It is something which is important for me. It is place where one can clear one's doubts and help the other to clarify his/her doubts.
In this process you undergo a quick revision what you have learnt.

To my mind there won't be a single brainly member who has not learnt anything in this wonderful place or i should say wonderful world.

I can't explain about my brainly experience as it is something which is very very very hard to describe. If i start writing, i will take entire day to end up or even more.

Not to mince words, brainly is just like my very good chum who helps me whenever it is needed.
But, sometimes (ones in a blue moon) the experience is not quite good as i come across some shady user who make the environment of this pure world polluted. They don't even think that this platform is an indication of purity and helpful nature.
Well, lets live this topic.


Although I have not got many good friends here but i have got some great sisters and brothers over here.
Actually this platform is just like a family like team where each and every individual respects everyone.

Yes, i have got some excellent sisters and brothers over here. Although i can mention only few like
Nikki57 di, ANSHI07 di, kalpeshprabhakar bhaiya , praneeththeworldtopper brother , shuchi di, krupakar bhai and many more (i can't recall all the names.
Actually the entire benefactor team this is for you)

These people are amazing. They have got a great ability and performance.
They never say no whenever any help is required.

Special Thanks to the team guys.

This platform of brainly is a complete list of study and enjoyment.
You get refreshment and in mean time you help someone, it's just like sauce for the goose is the sauce for the gander.

Literally, it's very hard to describe the importance of brainly in my life.

Thanks to @jas32 for asking this excellent question.
Lets vow to make this world of brainly a greater one. Let's vow to help others even more.

That's all what i wanted to say

#be brainly.

Hope this will be helping you ✌️

skh2: thanks brother
Anonymous: A great dedication
Anonymous: and a wonderful journey
skh2: ^_^
ANSHI03: I am here also, thanks bro...!! Haven't imagined that I'll be here :thinking_face:, It's me or someone else ? Well written, excellent answer!!
skh2: it's none other than you dear sister. Thank you ^_^
ANSHI03: Thank you so much bhai!! :-)
skh2: :-) :-)
Anonymous: WOw...!! Impressive answer bhaiya :) Great Job :) Keep going :)
skh2: thanks ☺
Answered by dhruvsh
Hello, good evening everyone

Well Brainly has been really helpful to me from the time I started up here. It was about 2 and a half years back that I made up an account here.
I kept answering questions according to my knowledge and that in a way also helped me a lot. Well kinda I was addicted to Brainly. Unfortunately I had to leave Brainly for an year. Well then I thought why not make a comeback. and that really worked out for me actually. Usually I never messaged anyone but with the passage of time I started making new friends. Making new and good friends here on Brainly has really helped change our mindset with the peers of our generation.
So, Brainly has helped me in a lot of ways.
Now it's time that mention the super cool people I met here on Brainly and who are really awesome people.

1) Jas32 - Well I know her from a long time. She's really kind from the bottom of her heart. we're good friends. She's honest and really intelligent and a lively one by nature. We're really good friends.

2) Gungun ji - She's the cutest and best sister ever yaar. She made a lot of progress on Brainly and I've seen her live climbing the way up. first becoming Brainly star then benefactor and then moderator. It's really tough to get there but I really appreciate her efforts that she went so up in such a short while. ( about a month).^_^

3) Vilokatbest - This guy is such a great one. I've no words to describe this man. Really he's awesome super cool from nature. An absolute legend !! hat's off vilok.

4) Nikki57 - Well she has always been the best and helpful to me but unfortunately not got to talk much with such a great personality.

5) Roshan bhai is the best brother man. He's so intelligent that even if he gets to debate with Stephen Hawking...then Hawking himself would have got impressed by him. Roshan you're awesome.

BTW Rest in Peace genius :-( /\

6) Praneeth World Topper - Now he's fantastic obviously everyone knows this. Superb Bhai and the best one too.

7) Astha ji has also been superb and so helpful to me. We're good friends too. She's so jolly. Believe me if you start a conversation with her she's gonna make you go crazy. juz kidding

8) ANSHI ji you're brilliant being so high up the order and being a moderator she's so simple and generous that is so sweet of her. The best and super cool sister.

9) Tanvi Vasani ji is fantastic.Shes so kind and helpful. Very intelligent and simple hearted. the best !!!

10) Locomaniac is absolutely amazing she's so good friends. can't imagine !! Such a simple and good human. very kind from the heart.

11) Dikshasinghds - Diksha di you've been the best since i first met you. The best sister and the most caring one.

Aur bhi bahut friends hain !!
Aap sabko ko kaise bhul sakta hu !!

I) Shweta
2) Brainly helper
3) AnviGottlieb ( unfortunately she's no more on Brainly :-(:-(:-(
And many more !!!
4) Zoya kayinat
5) Ranjan Kumar bhai is very intelligent and super cool man
7) Trisha 07
8) Shreya Khandelawal ji
9) Krupakar ji aap toh ekdum legendary Hain !! super Bhai ekdum badhiya !!
Very sorry agar kisi ka naam bhul Raha hu to !!
10) skh2 the superb and appreciative guy.

But you'll always be an awesome memory for my life !! and guys you've made my life awesome without all of you it wouldn't have been possible to come such a far way. Thank you so much for everything.

Hope this helps you !! hahhaahhahaah
( common dialogue after every answer.)

# Dhruvsh

Regards Dhruv Shah

dhruvsh: thank you very much !!
Anonymous: Wow...!! Beautiful presentation :) Keep going :)
dhruvsh: thank you so much
Anonymous: Nice answer bro ☺
dhruvsh: thank you so much !!
Anonymous: bro my inbox us closed can't talk with you
Anonymous: is
Anonymous: :(
dhruvsh: don't worry
Anonymous: why bro ? not able to msg you :(
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