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how did AsafJah gained control over the provinces of Hyderabad

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Answered by danaha98


He brought skilled soldiers and administrators from northern India, who welcomed the new opportunities in the south. He appointed mansabdars and granted jagirs. Though still a servant of the Mughal emperor, he functioned quite independently without seeking any directions from Delhi or facing any interference. The mughal emperor merely confirmed the decisions already taken by him.

Hyderabad was constantly struggling against the Marathas in the west and the Telugu warrior chiefs (nayaks) of the plateau. The upcoming powerful group, the British, checked Asaf Jah’s ambition to control the rich textile-producing areas of the Coromandel Coast in the east.

Answered by yoshitayadav20


During 1720-22 Asaf Jah had already gained control over its political and financial administration. He gathered power in his hands and became the actual ruler of that region. Asaf Jah brought skilled soldiers and administrators and appointed mansabdars and granted jagirs.

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